Ways to negotiate your salary

There are four steps within negotiation which are assess, prepare, ask and package.

Assess and Prepare

You need to ask yourself if the benefit outweigh the costs? Assess the position in terms of company benefits, individual tasks for this position, how are your skills benefiting this company for this position, other similar positions and salary. Next Prepare by looking at what are your interest and what are the interest of the company your are negotiating for so that you can find out if your needs and their needs align.

Ask and Package

Engage with your counterpart by taking social conversation as an opportunity for you to negotiate on certain level. As you have information that your counterpart do not have and they do not know your prospective, you both can share a common ground knowing that each of you have someone to offer to the other. And finally offer a Package bundle alternative proposals to help solve their problems by proposing alternative solutions using “if” and “then” languages for example: If you become the manger you can help improve the employee retention issue that the company is currently experiencing.

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