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Dog Breed


Icons represent a message that reach a particular audience even looking from a far distance and tell them what the message is about using color, shapes and several aspect of the principles of design. Our eyes are train to look and identify and It is very important that an Icon has a focal point so the audience can pay quick attention to it and the message can be transmitted in just one look. It could implies using the principles of design such as repetition, contrast that will put value to the icon and be able to transfer the message effectively and be able to actually target the targeted audience. The dogs breed that I designed are Pug, Labrador Retriever , Beagle, Border Collie and Husky.

Target Audience and Design Analysis

My audience are dog lovers especially breeders. Age of my audience would be 25-45, love to know about the breed of dogs and are passionate to read about dogs on any topics. Mostly targeting toward all gender as those are dog breeders that can look and recognize the breed of a specific dog looking at shapes and colors.  Therefore, all the five icons are each a separate breed to allow my audience to identify them quicker as the are different.

The colors used in this design has been varying as I made some changes for the final. Moreover, the colors I actually used are from actual dog breed color that I was able to get very close too an original dog by playing with the color palette. For instance, my “Beagle icon” has the colors of an actual beagle with different tons of browns , a white grey in the middle, dark and white for the eye, dark for the nose and pink tongue that I used to make the icon. All my icons colors have the same colors for the tongues, nose and eyes. Also the blue circle help a lot to bring value.

The principles of design has been used in these icons to give great values and also unity to my icons. As they are all dogs but just different breed. I used repetitions with the  nose,eyes, tongue on all my icons and placing the tongue according to the dog shape. Each dog head is sitting on a circle that helps to give more value as that is my second principle of design used to give a good focal point using similar color and size with all dog heads. Furthermore, the use of contrast was needed in order for each shapes to create the form needed and give the message needed in this case for instance ” looking at the Pug” we can see that it has the characteristics of a Pug, shorter ears, wider head as well. I used proximity to relate to the shapes with each heads to be able to distinguish which is the nose, tongue, eyes and ears with each icon as those are crucial so it can have at least the characteristics of an actual dog .  Each blue circle are align as well to allows a better understanding of each icon and  also movement of the eyes.


Therefore, icons are important as they should be able to give an identity even though seeing from a far distance using the principles of design such as contrast, repetitions, proximity and alignment. A Pug, Labrador Retriever, Beagle, Border Collie and Husky needs to give a specify message and identity. The targeted audience will be able to tell it is about dogs and be able to tell which breed they are looking at in the right moment.


Dog breed Icons-01

Dog breed Icons-03

Dog breed Icons-04

Dog breed Icons-05

Dog breed Icons-06

Dog breed Icons-07







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The blessings of Temple Marriage



To have a successful magazine several aspects of design are needed to put an emphasis in the information that are being transferred to the targeted audience. All the details implies using the right colors, photographs , titles, even a great pull quote and a great typography as well. All of those principals of design are implemented and combined together to form a magazine. I used all of those principles in my magazine to be able to get my article about “Blessings of Temple Marriage” by Elder Richard G.Scott.

Target Audience and Design Analysis

My targeted audience are Mormon couples that are planning or thinking about getting married in the temple. Also a more appealing magazine toward the women in the relationships instead of the men. The age range is from 20 to 30 years old. Their interests are church activities, family trips, reading books , going on walks , cooking and enjoy seasonal times such as winter and spring.

The colors used to designed the magazine are pink Sherbet, Mona Lisa, Black White, color similar to Pancho and Spanish white that was chosen purposely to give contrast in my article and to get the attention of my audience. Those colors are very popular for Marriage settings and set a comfortable atmosphere for the reader to explore more about the article. A variety of repetitions of the color stated are used to keep the interest of the reader going in connection to the title.

The typography used are “apple chancery font” as a serif category for the main title of the magazine and “Myriad pro font” that is sans serif category both regular and bold to give contrast to my headings and subheadings. The apple chancery font is very elegant and it perfectly match the master title with its great serif displayed. Myriad pro is formal and easier to read , so the reader can have a clear understanding of the content. I aligned all titles, headings the same way with the text in the columns to give a  good flow. Also, proximity is used in my title, headings and subheadings to create a connection for example the heading “Be Worthy” is connected with “Choose the right”.

Photographs will help to generate the settings of my title so the reader can relate those pictures and the article together amplifying the emotions of the content. I used depth of field in the first picture where the temple is blurry in the back and the couple are standing in front of it with a lot of contrast to add a touch to the article. For the picture where they are standing up in the last spread, I used the rule of Third to have them touching all the intersection and touching the trees in the back as well. Trying to make sure that some elements are included. The second photograph has proximity in it as well to make sure that the reader can see a connection of the two persons in the image.


Therefore, a magazine needs to have a targeted audience to narrow down the principles of design that needs to be apply along with the color, typography and photography. It  can look simple but actually has several little details that can change the mood of your audience and create a specific settings for those targeted audience. The uses of colors, typography and photography are crucial in order to get the reader’s attention by effectively matching the information of the article.

Final Magasin

Final Magasin 2

Final Magasin 3.jpg

pic 3(Photo with rings on fingers) link

(Master page background of temple)link

pic 3

Photo taken by Jane Prefumo


Photo taken by Jane Prefumo

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Elements of Photography


Photography is the art and practice of taking photographs. There are three elements of photography that we will be exploring in this blog along with Steve McCurry photographs comparison with those elements and some of my photography as well. Steve McCurry worked in photojournalism and editorial using the rules in his photos to project his voice. He has been the most iconic voices in contemporary photography  Those elements are named the rule of third, leading line and depth of field.

Rule of Thirds

Photo by Steve McCurry-link:

This photo was taken by Steve McCurry who is an American photographer. He was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Steve McCurry wants the picture to stand on its own with its own place and feeling. He used the rule of thirds in this photo. The rule of thirds is placing points of interest along the intersection. While travelling , he showed us that those three brazilien people are important part of the picture as well as the nature around them and the action that they are doing that is production of coffee. Steve McCurry  wrote a book about this photograph named “From these hands”.

Photo taken by Jane Prefumo

In this photo, I made sure that my points of interest are interacting with the rule of thirds grid. As you can see, the grid intersection hits the girl in the background on her eyes and knee. Also, nature is a big part of this picture in comparison to McCurry’s example of rule of thirds as I want my audience to see the girl in the background around this beautiful pink tree and the grass alone the lines.  The grid placement helps my photo to stand on its own and have its own feeling.

Leading Lines

Photo by Steve McCurry-Link:

Steve McCurry used leading line in this picture from his overseas travel. He went on a visual journey to 12 countries and was best known for his national geographic magazine photograph of the ‘Afghan Girl’. In this photo, he used the elements of leading lines. By using this element, he is using natural lines to lead the eye into the picture. Also, there is a bit of contrast with the rocks in the middle.The draw over on this picture is showing how the lines do drag our eye along to get to the rocks in the middle.

Photo taken by Jane Prefumo

In this photograph, I used the lines along the stairs, the side of the stairs to target my focal point who is the girl in the middle. And it is perfect as she is showing contrast through her pink shirt. Following the lines that was over draw on this picture allows the eye to move directly to my target and show a perfect example. And in comparison with McCurry’s photograph, I made sure to have leading lines in my photo that are pointing on someone like he did with his. Allowing my eyes to go to the focal point much easier and with some contrast as well.

Depth of Field

Photo by Steve Mccurry-Link:

This year , Mr McCurry has teamed up with Swiss watch brand Vacheron Constantin to take pictures around the globe as part of the introduction of its revamped Overseas Collection. Vacheron Constantin has tasked Mr.McCurry with traveling to 12 different destinations around the world, corresponding to the 12 hours on the dial of a watch, to take whatever photographs capture his eye. In this photograph, he used the depth of field as an element of photography where he used the watch as the focal point making it closer to be bigger and by making everything else in the background blurry with not too much importance compared to the watch that requires all the attention. There is some repetition as well going on with the rock in the back.

Photo taken by Jane Prefumo

Depth of field used in my photograph  shows my object very close, clear and put more attention to the details of the flowers whereas the background, I try to have it blurry so it does not required as much attention as my focal point. In comparison to Steve McCurry’s depth of field photograph, we both made our object close, clear and our focus point. In addition, we have some repetition going on in the background as shown through the draw over in this picture.


The elements of photography is a great way to project the photographer opinion on each picture giving it a unique feeling. The three elements used in this blog show various ways on how object can be the target in different sizes and even distance. The rule of third is one of my favorite as by just aligning my objects, I can make sure that my audience perceived the important of each objects in the picture. Leading line is also great, my eye get to move around until it reaches its destination where the photographer wants me to go. Making sure that they are in control of leading the audience. The last one that we explore is depth of fields and it is very intriguing and at the same time you see what is the most important object that the photographer wants the audience attention to be. All of them are great used of elements that give purpose to the image itself and allows the audience to comprehend the objective of the photographer better. I will make sure that I sure those element daily as well.

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The Typography of Sherlock Holmes

sherlock holmes
Designed by Guy Ritchie

The image was designed by Guy Ritchie who make posters for Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows.  It is a mysterious movie with a lot of crime that needs to be resolve.  Sherlock Holmes who plays Robert Downey and Watson who plays Jude Law play the main role in the movie and they go through various clues to get to the end of the mystery. This image has a lot of contrast and show depth as well with the building randomly places and the two main character in the setting. It also shows a  relationship with Watson and Sherlock with through the closeness of their character in the image.The image uses typefaces that help in getting emotion from the image. For instance, this image is mysterious and intriguing as well.  This image uses Oldstyle and slab serif as a typeface to give an interesting resolution and contrast to the image.

Typeface #1

One of the typeface used in this image is oldstyle. It is very clean and looks great. We can see that the letter “O” in “ROBERT” has a diagonal stress as shown in the image with the red line. It also  have serifs with it at the angle where the letter looks like an angle of a pen and have bracketing that is basically the curve meeting to the stem. For instance the letter “T” represents that well. Moreover,  The letter “L” in the image shows that there is moderate thick/thin transition in the strokes. That is why the image looks great with oldstyle as one of the typeface.

Typeface #2

The second typeface used is Slab serif. It is a way of advertising as it looks good. Used a look in movies poster especially nowadays.It is very easy to read Slab serif examples are circle in red as shown in the image. It has a vertical stress as an example of the letter “E” from the title, horizontal and thick slabs. It also has a slight thick/thin contrast, for instance with the “S” marked with red. And other instances would be with the “N and K” for the properties of slab serif. As a movie poster it is attracting its audience using slab serif to make the test interesting and intriguing in that image.


The two typeface shows contrast in various ways. One of the ways is through the size of the text. There is obviously a contrast on the way the text is written from “ROBERT” to the tittle of this image as the title is very large putting more contrast on what the picture is about. Another way is the weight of the text. For example, the text “Robert” is thinner than the title as the title is bolded and shows more contrast that way. And the last one in this image would be color where the text “Robert” is more like a dark golden yellow and the title is lighter, therefore, again creating a higher contrast toward the title itself .


The sherlock Holmes image is readable and very pleasant to its audience in my opinion. The principal used in it are great.It has a good focal point and depth as the movie is all about mystery. Shows proximity with closeness of the two character and repetition as well in color. The typeface used for this image is great and catches my eyes very quickly. Using oldstyle and slab serif as typefaces are great for movies posters and it helps to identify the movie better. In this image, the typefaces and the contrast it give blends totally with the background.

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Beauty and the Beast- Design Analysis

Designed by: BLT Communications, LLC

The design of Beauty and the Beast made by BLT Communications, LLC. New movie just came out on March 17 . It is very attractive with great design principles. Great quality with even some depth in the background.  Love the main characters and several design had been made by the same designer with a single movie character on each design.


The contrast in this design is obvious looking at The Beauty and the Beast character as their clothes are very attractive. They are centered and at the same time Belle’s dress goes all the way to the right side giving  a very large image of both characters on the design that give a direct focal point that capture our attention easily. It also shows a contrast toward the warm color of Belle’s dress and cool colour of Beauty coat that forces the eyes to look first on those characters before going to the Title of the movie and other information.


On this design, the repetition varies starting from the light on Belle’s dress and matching the ones in the background itself. The color is repetitive in fonts as well as giving it a good flow in the design. There is a consistency with the light and the font showing a repetitive aspect of the design throughout the entire design.


In this image, alignment is mostly being made on the text. On the top of this design all the character’s names are well aligned. The bottom text showed alignment in the structure by not being too much far left or too much far right but about right under the top text alignment. Their is a visual connection with all of those text and even they are not all close to each other , we can still tell that they belong to the same context with an invisible line that helps us to connect it both with our eyes and minds


On this design, we can see that Beauty and the Beast have a relationship to each other as they are very close to each other. Analyzing this picture looking at Belle’s arm on the Beast’s arm express some emotion and feelings connection. They are related as a group. According to the movie and their story, it is expressing their love and passion for each other.


The color in this design is use in every corner. On the main character’s clothes, for instance Belle’s is wearing a warm color and the Beast is wearing a blue coat that is a cool color using primary colors.  The designer is using a font that matches well the other colors.There is a lot of hues and shades that are put in this design with the lights, candle stand, window and even in the Announcement for the release of the movie. The yellow from Belle’s dress and compared with the font of the title that is a tint color and the actor’s name shows that they used monochromatic colors.


On overall,The designer want the audience to feel the emotions coming from this design and also used the principles  of design effectively. It is a very intriguing image but gives enough details that tell the movie is classical , romantique and that there is a relationship between the two characters.Very creative colors used and great depth view in the background with a repetition in the front of the design as well. Great focal point design used that actually matches the traits in the movie itself. The audience feel the need to know more about this movie the way the design has been made.