Facebook and Final tips

We did a test for facebook and were asked to put at least $5 to see how things works as facebook has already a target audience and can help with that.  We did in class and talked about how we could set one up and the things that it asked about company. Also , you do not need to have a facebook page depending on what selecting you pick.

Final Tips

Make sure to add column in adwords using the column edit on the right side that is needed for the excel and then just download it , then copy and paste to the location. It will be way easier and also time saving. I learned that there is a search icon that helps to locate the column label that I was looking for. Use the history to get the dates set up right. Making sure that I check my google analytics for reference as well.


SEO Ranking & Social Networking

This is we learn a bit about Search Engine Optimization and Social Networking. Those are great to help in a business to be more successful.

SEO Ranking

Basically you can rate your website and get advice on what is needed and missing so you can improve the search engine experience better each time. There are several website that can be use such as this one here that is very important to make your website better.

Social Networking

It is the best way to get out there and make connections throughout others. Adding people that have influence that you know from school or work even someone you met once but you heard that this person has a lot of connection they can then connect you to his connections.  Some ideas on what you can use to do that are LinkedIn , Facebook, Instagram are very good. Facebook is weird in its own way but works great for businesses and somehow they are getting to that and are not able to ignore the power that Facebook has on advertising.

Quick tips: when you talk to a connection and they give you an advice, make sure you report back to them taking in consideration their advice as they will feel able to help you more. Why? as they feel important for you to take that consideration so they will trust you more like you are another them.  It’s a physcology reason! The maximum share you get on facebook is good : it is organic and also you are targeting a lot of audience right there. So do not ignore the POWER of Social Networking.


Optimization of the Search Engine

What is SEO?

Your system will take a lot of information, Google and bing will help your customers to find what they need. But when your page have high ranking and for that to happen it needs search engine optimization. Ex: if someone look for shoelace , they can find just that. Search engine pay attention to title. The words use in link matters as the search engine will locate that and display  the link according to that word and the website can work well with good ranking. Here is a video you could learn more about:


When working to optimize your search engine several items needs to be represented and taking care of, here is a link that will explain some of those helpful tools to use:

Now, we probably need to know more about how Goggle search works and here is some more info about it.

Building a website and advertising it could be hard but when we know that all we are doing is for the User , we need to keep that in mind to focus on them and what they need. Here is another good link that will help:

Here is a link on the Master Academy that help to build website and can be a great tools to be a master in that domain:



Optimizing Keywords & ads + Landing page Optimization

Optimizing your keywords & Ads

It is important to do that so that you can make sure that traffic is flowing in your website and that people are able to get to your website and actually get what they want. This week I had the chance to be in front of the class with that particular topic and I received a lot of help. I needed to add more ads groups that I did and separate my keywords that could be in a different category of ad that is wording differently. Make sure to move the keywords to their own ad group is very crucial.Here are some link tips for making your keywords and ads better :

Optimization of the landing page

It is always good to know what can be better and that is the best way by making a copy of my homepage and adding something like maybe changing the font size or color or even adding a discount. It will track and tell you what is better and you can keep the one that is doing better. Here are some instructions on how you can get that going using google analytics:

Thank you for reading and I hope that this can help someone else as well as for my future references.


Google Analytics ,ROI and Conversion Tracking details and set up

Google Analytics

Hi everyone, today I will talk about how you can get your Google Analytics install and be ready to have live view of how many people are currently visiting your website and also what region they are on the map. First you need to go on this link and follow those steps to create an account with google analytics:

Then now you will need to set up your analytics tracking following this link that give step by step. It is important to copy the code “snippet” into your HTML in your website and it should most likely be your landing page. So following this will help:

After getting the code to work Now! You can test it to see if it works by going on your website through the bar make sure to do not go through the ads you set up as you will charge yourself. Now you can see live that someone is viewing currently your website and if it is not working yet no worries. Give it some time and it will work.

ROI and Conversion

You will need to also set up that part of the conversion in order to see when someone pays you and I choose for example to get conversion each time someone clicks and buy the products that I am selling on my website. There are other conversion but it basically means that every time someone does the conversion your choose , you will be notify.

Now lets get started : Here are some link to see how to see your ROI Return on investment . To measure it you will used this formula “(Revenue – Cost of goods sold) / Cost of goods sold” It will give the ROI.

Here is a link to know more about what type of conversion your could do by watching this video in the link and you can just click on” GUIDE ME” and it will help to show where to click to get the conversion tracking set up right :

Moreover to track paypal transaction through google analytic and it is a $20 per month but 14 day trial.Here is a link to get started on that:

We like to spend less than we make and that can be any conversion changes. Thank you for reading!


Ads & Quality score

We learn about Ads and quality score. You can set up your ads that will allow people to look up your website.

Those are example of successful ads and some policy with guidelines:

Quality Score will tell you how you are doing in comparison with all of the comparison. Here is a link:

Of course when learning you will make error and might have a low quality score but you can improve it using this link:







Adwords & keywords

It is very needed to make sure that things are straight and ready to be process at the time when you are expecting your business to be set and ready to receive money.

It is important to know what keywords are needed in your business so you do not need to have so you do not need to be charge for nothing. Also , to know what keywords are actually needed to get you target audience.

Here are some link that explain about the keywords to use and the negative keywords as well:


Also, setting up adwords is a fundamental step to use google adwords. Here are some link and make sure to get some credit from your host and also be aware that a $25  is needed in order to use the free credit. People who click and are not your target audience can charge you and you do not want that to happen.

Here are links to set up Adwords:

Making sure that those are set and ready is important! DO NOT MISS THIS STEP!





Make Things Legal

In having a business , it is not just getting it online but it implies having several other steps to make it legal wherever you are. If you are selling in one state you need to make sure that this state has your business registered. If you have a partnership with someone else in another state you need to make sure that tax is also registered for your business there as well as the place the business is actually located.

For my business I am doing a Sole proprietorship and this basically mean I am doing it along with no partnership. I will include some links for more information . But as a sole proprietorship I am able to get a name registered without having problem even if someone else have a similar nameof even same. As my business is in Idaho , I am required to register the name from the state of Idaho.

If you are like me go to this link to know about how to do it:

With knowing what form to fill depending on your company , if you have any questions this link can help you:

Here is the Idaho registration as well that can be useful:

These are steps needed to get it legal!



Setting up a Paypal Button

I learned this week that using a way of payment is necessary on my website and that I need to consider what type of button I will choose. I wen through this video that help me to make a button .

Also , I needed to do some research on tax and shipping and I learned in class that the tax is apply wherever you have someone selling for you or partner with in another state. But in my case I will tax only Idaho. Also for shipping I was able to see that I could put the money charge per weight for shipping or even per order for instance: If they buy $50 , they will get free shipping and so on. So that was very interesting to learn about today. In addition, I learned a little bit about square that is usually what people will use with a white box. I saw that once at a dance party called al fuego.

Here is some more links for paypal payments:





Host and Site builder

This week we learn about business ideas that can be prioritize over other idea. Also, we were able to see how the competition level was . Being able to identify what the five best business ideas and from there being able to make a decision from those results. For my site builder I first choose Wix but then decided to do WordPress for the plug in benefits.

Wix :

Also, we had to choose a website host and my choose was 101 manager using wordpress but it does not offer Adwords credit and I decided to take bluehost as it does offer Adwords credit for my project. I also like shopify but it is too expensive but great for E-commerce as well as wix.

Good question to asked when looking for a website is if it has a domain name, also it I get Adwords credit, what support it offers me, monthly / yearly payment as well as cost or discount for any of those. And if it will be good for the type of business that I am looking for.

Here is a link for bluehost: